maanantai 7. maaliskuuta 2016

Ultralahjakas valokuvaaja Liisa Vääriskoski on kuvittanut runoni "Villieläinten tavoittamattomissa" Picturepoems -runokuvanäyttelyämme varten.
Ultralahjakas Kasper Salonen on kääntänyt runoni.

Kaikki täällä!
Ohessa sarjan yksi kuvista. Oikeudet Liisa Vääriskoskella.

The Sorrows of Big Jennifer
by Aura Nurmi
translation credits: Kasper Salonen

Out of the reach of wild animals
there lives a pale, impressive girl.
I called her Big Jennifer
when I lived on Korppaanmäki Road.

I won't deny it
On that road we were beaten
to the ground even if the tarmac
had not yet set and was sticky still.
And to that tarmac we stuck
all the kids from house 4 C
a hippo backpack and a Barbie shoe
were thus immortalized, too

But this is not about them.
I am talking about a dauntless girl from house 7 B
who protected every single child
on the Korppaanmäki Road,
a plastic wheelbarrow
her only weapon

And so Big Jennifer went to war
the wheelbarrow hoisted on her pale shoulders
soon approaching this kid and that
Flower-Mary among them
who would have exchanged all the treasures
of her jewelry box
for a single kiss,
she approached the wild animals
our parents
whose eyes were glazed with glass so thick
that they couldn't recognize their own from the herd

But one morning a cold wind passed through the neighborhood.
Someone had found Big Jennifer in the trash.

The girl was carried, unconscious, to another city.

And how is Big Jennifer now,
after whose passing Little Jennifer finally shed her name?

She went to the high school in a new town
got impressive grades, an impressive girl
graduated in record time from the School of Economics
and works in the United States now as an investment advisor
she opens her double windows wide over New York

at least if every night I close my eyes and pray

PS. Voi naama kuinka mä olen kyllästynyt tämän bloggerin paskaan asetteluun.

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